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05 mars 2011

Streetball : moves

Salut à Tous les ballers !!!

Voici une petite série de vidéo afin de vous apprendre quelques moves de streetball , avec comme coach "Snake"

Snake Streetball Freestyle Tutorial



Breakdown Moves

Snake gives step by step instructions on how to do three different breakdown moves - the shamgod, the stiff leg, and the Iverson cross. Snake shows you how to do these moves effectively and with the most possible control. These basic moves are great for shaking defenders and are also building blocks for a variety of freestyle dribbling moves.

Neck Stall Tutorial

Snake's series of instructional videos on how to streetball freestyle. This video covers the neck stall and neck catch in detail, giving you detailed pointers on how to catch the ball on your neck and keep it there.

Dazzle Catch Tutorial

Snake breaks down how to do a catch created by David Dazzle of the Notic crew, and also provides demonstrations of how to create combos using the catch


Snake of Methods of Movement gives step by step instructions on how to a basic arm roll (also called a "ream"), as well as some advanced variations.


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